Successful mom! How to organize yourself better?

Successful mom! How to organize yourself better?

In some families, the head of the family is not the father, but the mother. The modern era brings a lot of career mothers, successful women who are put in the position - not at all easy - to face more roles - mother, wife, girlfriend, housewife, etc.

How do you organize when you need to be in more than one place at a time? Simple: through the cooperation of the whole family, love and discipline.
Plan everything in the family: allocate tasks, write down everything, seek support!
All planning must be done with the sheet and pen in hand. Your memory may be overloaded and not handle all the things you have to do. In the first phase, write down all the personal tasks that concern you. Then, get the whole family together to plan for the next week.
It is necessary to delegate clear, objective tasks and to specify the expectations you have. In the case of children, it also mentions the consequences of their failure to practice.
Communicate and work closely with your life partner!
To cope with a career, but also with a family, it is important to have the support of your father. He is the second person you have to lay your ground on, besides you. But she does not give him directives, she does not try to be boss in the family. It is important to discuss openly and reach a compromise when it comes to family.

Establish the budget and plan it according to priorities!

Every family has a budget. It is divided into days or weeks. Before planning the budget for food and other family pleasures, set aside the money for bills and debts. The rest of the money is divided by the weeks and plans for meals, shopping and others depending on what is left. Educate your child to understand the value of money.
Ask for help when you need it!
Moms need to know how to ask for help when they are out of the situation. Not all do this, sometimes out of pride or pride.
For your physical and mental health and to manage to find some time for yourself, it is advisable to never refuse the help and ask for it when you need it - to friends, relatives, bosses, colleagues, etc.
In addition, you must also think of ways to facilitate certain tasks. For example, if you are a successful mom then you can certainly save time by cleaning up specialized services and reduce your time when you do your manicure or pedicure at home by going to the salon.

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