Temperature in the baby's room

Temperature in the baby's room

The optimum temperature in the children's room is extremely important and is different in babies compared to older children. The most important benefit of providing a properly heated room is the avoidance of sudden death syndrome in infants.

What is the correct temperature in the baby's room?

The values ​​differ very little in the case of infants compared to the older children, but in general they should fit as follows:

  • for infants, the temperature should be between 22 - 24 degrees Celsius;
  • for older children it is sufficient between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.

The ideal temperature for the child during the night is between 17 - 20 degrees Celsius, and the day between 22 - 24 degrees Celsius.

During the summer the temperature of the child's room should never be lower than 16 degrees Celsius, but it is best to keep the temperature around 18-20 degrees Celsius.

A room thermometer is indispensable in the child's room. It helps you always keep the same heat and warns you when it drops or rises more than indicated.

Children do not need more heat because they are more sensitive!

The room temperature must comply with the recommendations of the specialists. This ensures the health of the child and avoids complications that can cause death. Parents often exaggerate by assuming that little ones are more sensitive and need a few extra layers of clothing, especially in winter. This is totally untrue!

To realize that the temperature is right you do not have to go by intuition and hypothesis that it is better to be warm than cold. You can do this in the case of the baby:

  • constantly checking if his gloves and feet are warm;
  • putting your hand on your tummy to check if it is hot;
  • looking if the gloves and feet are normal in color; if they are very red it means that it is overheated;
  • with the help of the body thermometer for babies.

What are the risks of too high a temperature in the room?

The room temperature should never drop below 16 degrees Celsius.

Both in summer and in winter, there is a risk that children are exposed to overheating. This is called caloric shock, but it does not appear to little ones just because the outside is very hot or because the room is overheated, but mainly because of the lack of proper clothing of the child. Dressing with too many clothes in an already heated room puts the child at greater risk.

Overheating can cause a lot of side effects in babies:

  • insomnia;
  • agitation;
  • frequent colds;
  • dehydration;
  • fever.

The biggest risk your baby exposes by overheating the room is as I said sudden death syndrome.

The indicated heating system is the one that does not dry the air and allows the temperature adjustment (heaters with adjusting device, brick stoves, terracotta).

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