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Slow walking does not correct the platfus

Slow walking does not correct the platfus

Any new or unusual sign on the baby's body is a cause for panic for parents. One of these is the flat leg of the child and the fear of not having a flatbed. Although the leg vault is formed during childhood, parents tend to subject the little ones since they are babies to several ways to correct this problem.

What is the platfus?
Platfus is a congenital malformation of the foot. It is a condition that is also called "flat foot" - the sole of the foot lacks the groove, that arch that forms completely, naturally, up to the age of 10 anisors. Therefore, the platfus can be observed only in the older child and manifests when the plantar arch (hollow leg) is almost invisible when the child is standing and leaving all their weight on them.

The role of the foot hollow is to cushion the shocks as we go.

The gait descends and the platfus
It is true that it is beneficial to let your baby walk barefoot, especially when he starts to walk, which is beneficial in the proper development of the foot. The walking should appear at the age of 9 months, maximum 1 year and 2 months. Baby's low gait makes him develop a proper gait: to walk with all the soles on the floor, to feel his fingers better and to use them when walking, to find the right balance and coordination in gait (which can be modified if baby goes first shoe).

It can only be considered that the downward movement favors the creation of the plantar arch of the child, and the excessive use of the shoes, especially when very small, can increase the incidence of the appearance of the platfus. The explanation is that the shoes limit the flexibility and mobility of the child's foot, thus preventing his correct development and the creation of the arch.

Many parents mistakenly believe that the platinum deforms the spine of children and that it can be corrected if it goes barefoot. "Flat foot or flat foot is a genetically transmitted disease that does not heal. Until the age of 4, 96% of children have a flat foot because it is normal to have it. The formation of the hollow is accentuated after the age of 4-5. years, "explains Dr. Mihai Jianu, head of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic at" Grigore Alexandrescu "Hospital.

"The use of heels by children is useless, and in the very small ones it is really harmful. 10% of people have flattened and only 2% of them have painful forms. This is the only situation that requires orthopedic treatment," says Dr. Jianu. Even the low gait does not help strengthen the muscles and does not cause the leg to appear to those who have a flat foot.

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