Prevention of anemia in children

Prevention of anemia in children


- Causes and prevention of anemia in children. I would like to know how I can get my little girl to eat fruits and vegetables ... I have problems with this, she is very picky.


"Causes and prevention of anemia in children" is the title of a large chapter in the book of pediatrics, that we do not have enough editorial space available for the development of this beautiful theoretical topic.
Regarding the healthy habit of eating fruits and vegetables, it should be noted that little ones eat too little today because they eat too many concentrated sweets (chocolate, sweets, "natural" sugars with added sugars, etc.). If such foods can still be tolerated in food to a reasonable level and can even be used as a prize (as a piece of sugar is used for the horse that wins a competition), instead another danger is imposed on the market and gaining ground. from year to year: this is a large number of Rokemon, BigiMax, JellyDon type food nuggets, ie chips, puffs, dubious croissants, colored fur and many more promoted via television.
Such products of the chemical industry must be completely removed from the diet. Besides this rationalization or exclusion, consume yourself as many fruits and vegetables in front of the child and explain to them that you do this to be more beautiful.
Peel the fruits, especially apples. Give the vegetables as a salad with three different colors. Offer yogurt in dessert with raw fruits. If the above are not enough, go to plan "B": buy a fruit juicer and include fruit juice preferably prepared locally (or prepared in the evening and stabilized with citrus) in the morning menu instead of milk.
Keep milk only in the evening menu. Finally, a tip for all adults: when you visit a house with children, do not bring a chocolate gift, eggs with surprises, etc: prefer a bunch of bananas or a bag with oranges.
Health wishes you,
dr. Mihnea DRAGOMIR
specialist in family medicine