A new Second Cup location opens at the University!

A new Second Cup location opens at the University!

The best assortments of coffee are waiting for you, starting with November 13, 2015, 11.00 am even at the University, in the new Second Cup location.

Second Cup family members, with 40 years of experience in coffee preparation, open the boxes with the most flavored coffee beans ... this time much closer to you, even vis-à-vis the University.

So, on November 13, 11.00 you are invited to taste assortments of coffee from the most varied regions of the world, as well as a series of special drinks (teas, syrups), in harmonious piano arrangements.

Second University Cup - friendship, simplicity, harmony

Dozens of pages were written about coffee, coffee inspired stories about love, but also about power, the history of coffee was printed on the taste buds, but also in the souls of people along with the history of each people. With every morning of a family's life. While writing poems, stories, musical works, letters to parents.

But more than that, the moment when people drink coffee is always associated with that precious time for them, for those they love, for the partners with whom dreams come true. It means friendship, simplicity, harmony. The joy of reviving you, but of calming you at the same time. Stimulating effect, but also the pleasure of a unique flavor.

These are the feelings that Second Cup reaffirms in the hearts of the customers with each mill of coffee, with each legend written in the tea cups.

Second Cup brings the citizens of Bucharest, exactly in the center of the capital, the perfect harmony between simplicity and modernity.

Because most of the artists were in love with coffee, because the composer Bach dedicated the most beautiful combinations of musical notes through "Coffee Cantata", because every moment spent at the Second Cup you can find the sublime relationships of friendship and familiarity, on the 13th. November, 11.00, while drinking coffee, you can listen to famous songs sung at the piano.

In a new and creative setting, we would like to get to know each other better and become part of the Second Cup family.

All the coffees Second Cup benefits from Fairtrade Certification / Organic Certification / Rainforest Alliance Certified. All Second Cup coffees are of superior quality.