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Christmas Party 2013

Christmas Party 2013

Saturday started with emotions, agitation and joy and continued with many beautiful surprises. We arrived at Bursuceii Merry at 9.00 and together with my colleagues we started to prepare for the reception of the guests who did not wait and started appearing around 10.00.

We enjoyed reviewing the veteran ladies of the community, we were amazed to find out how much the children have grown since we have not seen them and have met some of the newest members of our community.

The day went well, the children were happy and everything went according to schedule.

We enjoyed the goodies brought by our friends and we admired the cake prepared by Sweet Ela, and the little ones relished the taste because it was very, very tasty.

The Candy Bar prepared by our friends from Martipan Creativ was the attraction of the event, the children felt spoiled and tasted all the sweets so attractive, but also delicious on the table so beautifully decorated.

Mrs. Irina Iordache, primary pediatrician, Nivea specialist, patiently answered questions and told us about baby skin care.

The Christmas from Zurli was cute and playful, painted the children very beautifully on the face and helped Santa to share the gifts.

Santa, gentle and good, had patience with the children, kept everyone in his arms, asked them what they wanted to become when they were older and shared the gifts offered by Nivea, Milupa, Haribo, Uriage and Libraria Bastilia.

I enjoyed every moment: the joy of the children, their impatience, the sparkle of happiness in their eyes when Santa came and the revision of the moms who are so dear to me.

Thank you for honoring us with our presence and we expect you to be with us next year, on the 10 year anniversary!

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